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New Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Bronze Handcrafted Strap

The New Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Bronze Handcrafted Strap


Cut from bronze, the Hublot Big Bang “Bavaria” it is strapped onto two robust, hand-embroidered bracelets in deer leather handcrafted in partnership with Meindl, a renowned leather goods maker based in the Bavarian region of Germany and in business since 1683.  What could be more appropriate than launching this watch at the Hublot Boutique in Munich during Oktoberfest?  As noted, this is the first time Hublot has cut its Big Bang case out of bronze, and it looks great.  Certainly not stainless, its ability to develop a patina over time is part of bronze’s appeal.

Only 100 pieces will be made.

Here you can see the hand stitched stag motif:

Tanned and burnished by hand, each strap and case are different and unique.  The case back is in black ceramic whereas the screws are in gold.

Neat watch!

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New Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Bronze Handcrafted Strap

About Hublot 

It was the Gold Hublot watch the first created by Carlo Crocco in 1980. A watch with the first natural black rubber bracelet ever seen in the watch making scenario. At that time it has turned into the inspiration of lots of watch makers and it has become absolutely famous worldwide.

The Gold Hublot Founder was grown up in an Italian family of watchmakers and around 1967  he designed his first watch.

In 1980 he established his own company, MDM Geneva. At that time, his aim was to create a watch that would be popular and seek all over the world. He sought to design a watch with a sporting style, yet elegant and fashionable.

Trying to ignore any trend, Carlo Crocco created a very elegant sporting watch with an extremely sensitive chosen materials, which could be wearing anytime, anywhere.

He followed the belief that the key to success was simplicity and he modeled his look on a ship’s porthole.

His lunette is secured to the case by twelve titanium screws. They mark the hours in a mixture of form and function.

But the Rubber caught the attention of watch manufacturer brands in the mid-90s. This proved the validity of the materials chosen for the creation of Hublot watches and their status and reputation was gained as great classics.

After three years of research it was possible to design and produce a bracelet and highlight the outstanding properties of natural rubber that seems to regenerate after being in contact with the skin daily.

Also, the sensation that a customer has when the two strands are strapped to the wrist is amazing. It immediately adapts to the wrist and it reflects an extraordinary lightens and comfort.

Nevertheless, the rubber bracelet is nowadays the only used on Hublot watches and it seems to be the only option and possible choice from now on wards.

New Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Bronze Handcrafted Strap

Hublot’s Black Natural Rubber Bracelet

Hublot’s Black Natural Rubber Bracelet features an incredible porthole-shaped case, combination of brushed and polished metal, together with the black dial.

The impressive look of this timepiece is even highlighted by a covering mount that highlights the image of the porthole.

Royalty as well as a huge amount of celebrities worldwide, become fond of Hublot watches. It was a few years later that Hublot enterer the exclusive and elitist circle of great Swiss making watches brands.

Hublot began what was the last independent family watch making business, a family firm by essence, following a mono-product concept, always maintaining its independence an awesome personality.

New Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Bronze Handcrafted Strap

Hublot Limited Series Collections

Limited series collections, with a variety of dials in chased enamel and bas-reliefs, covers preciously engraved, inset or enameled, are the result of Hublot’s master and outstanding craftsmen. It is due to them and their meticulous attention given to every single detail that the limited series collection was created. These talented craftsmen in each specialty help in the production of made-to-measure pieces which enrich an revalue the Hublot Art Collection”.

Carlos Crocco decided to look for the right person to lead his watch making house since his multiple activities for the Foundation MDM to help underprivileged children all over the world kept his busy most of the time.

Jean-Claude Biver is one of men to have made his mark on Swiss watch making. Having been born in Luxembourg in 1949, he and his family moved to Switzerland when he was 10.

He attended school at theSaint-Prex and later followed his studies at the College de Morges and University of Lausanne. He arrived at Brassus with a HEC diploma.

Although the Vallée de Joux was a complicated watch making circle, he was absolutely marked by it. He eventually moved and he built up his house near a farm that some years later would become Blancpain’s head office.

Jean-Claude Biver had a clear aim in his life: he set his mind to learn as much as he could from Audemars Piguet in 1975. In 1981, he and his friend Jacques Piguet, bought up the Blancpain business, which had been out of production.

The two friends and partners decided to keep and save the brand’s identity by returning to the origins and traditions at a time when quartz was its highest wave of success.

Blancpain was given birth by this concept. However success was not an easy thigh to get and it did not came right away.

In the same year, watch making was undergoing a crisis. Jean-Claude Biver believed that everything had to go badly for people to start thinking about creating something new. He thought that the Blancpain had become and object of outstanding attention.

 It was twenty five years later that the brand decided to reinterpret its DNA and it went back to its first principles. The brand fashioned though the traditional art of watch making.

Moreover, putting together rare material such as ceramics and gold, pink or gold titanium and rubber. And this fusion brought together movements of Swiss traditions with the XXI century art of watch making – while keeping the unique Hublot feeling for watch design.


New Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Bronze Handcrafted Strap | Luxury Top Watches News and Reviews

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