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A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Annual Calendar Watch Hands-On

A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Annual Calendar Watch Hands-On

Given the practical, classic look of the A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Annual Calendar, I would hope that owners give this type of timepiece a great volume of wrist time. This beautiful wearable is meant to be worn on a regular basis, so go with one that offers the most utility to peace-of-mind ratio.

Is it proper to be so focused on practicality when it comes to a luxury product? The thought process might seem ironic at best. I would disagree. Watches are meant to be worn and admired, as well as cared for. Unless you are the type of watch collector who doesn’t wear their watches and keeps them imprisoned in a safe, you’ll want to maximize your level of enjoyment per watch by wearing something that you need to worry about the least.

Annual calendars, such as this 2017 A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Annual Calendar (debuted here on aBlogtoWatch), represent one of the most desirable complications in mechanical watches these days. Annual calendars take into account the date and month… and sometimes other information such as the day of the week and moon phase (as is the case here). The idea is simple and still useful today for people who like to wear such watches on a regular basis. Rather than have a “simple date” complication where the movement isn’t able to calculate the different number of days in each month across the year (simple calendars assume each month is 31 days long), annual calendars include the ability for the watch to recognize the difference between 28, 30, and 31 day months.

The only time you need to manually adjust the date on an annual calendar is during Februaries when there are 29 days. This is at max a once a year adjustment. Perpetual calendars take this a step up with the included functionality to take into consideration leap years, but in my opinion such “higher level” watches do not frequently justify the increased price of the product. More so, given the reality that a perpetual calendar is more complicated mechanically, the risk of something going wrong likewise increases with a perpetual over an annual calendar movement. My policy is that the watches I own should be less prone to needing service, so I prefer the most simple (albeit cool) watches for regular wear.

This article: A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Annual Calendar Watch Hands-On first appeared on aBlogtoWatch and was written by Ariel Adams.

A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Annual Calendar Watch Hands-On | Top Luxury Watches Reviews 

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